Business and Economics


The School of Business and Economics allows aspiring and practicing professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs in the private and public sectors to complete a self paced distance learning degree program of the highest academic standard. The foundational axis of such a philosophy lies upon self-actualized knowledge and information, with no room for obsoleteness, which is embedded into a distance learning system. The ultimate goal of this paradigm is to empower learners and help them take advantage of the enormous array of resources from the world environment in order to eliminate the current continuum of poverty and limitations. Students may focus their studies on the development and continuous improvement of the skills of critical analysis, problem solving, creativity, and effective communication.




Business and Economics brings a new age for distance learning closer to home for many busy professionals worldwide. certificate programs are designed for those students whose professional experience has been in business, marketing, administration, economics, finance and management. (Other available programs)


Areas of Study:


Accounting Advertising Banking
Business AdministrationCommunications Ecommerce
FinanceForeign Affairs Home Economics
Human ResourcesInternational Busicness International Finance
Investing Globalization Marketing
Management Macroeconomics Microeconomics
Public Administrations Sustainable Development Public Relations
Telecommunications Tourism Trade



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