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10It is a Method for self and continuous education in which the learner away from his master and is responsible for his learning using printed and non printed educational materials. He also uses video files prepared to suit the nature of self-learning and differentiated capacities of learners and their several speed in education. It transferred to them through different technological tools and means. Every one desire should join it regardless of age and qualification.


Distance education programs prepared by specialized professors in the educational institute to suit self-learning. The learner teaches himself without the assistance of the teacher, this often is in the form of so-called self-learning portfolio.

Distance education provides the dual system of communication between the student and the educational institute through teachers and tutors, students are required to do certain duties or work and then sent to the educational institute, which in turn responds to the student's comments and give him some feedback.This connection between the student and the educational institute may be through modern techniques as Fax or e-mail or through the phone. Build on this, the student corrected the errors and walk according to the right steps for the program.

CU responsible for training, education and Tests administrate through attendance or directly and remotely membership, also through the scientific equations of qualifications, courses, expertise, experience, superiority and excellence. Equating researches and literature as verifying its validity and approval, also specialized in publishing and distribution, and it can cooperate with other institutes from around the world in order aiming to spread culture and knowledge. It also has important role in the field of education, especially in third world countries or developing countries for flourishing civilizations. It specializes in all areas of human knowledge, for example: Languages - Computer Science - Psychology - Mental Health - Educational Studies - human development - Management Science - Marketing Science - quality in all its fields - scientific research, thinking and creativity - studies and measurements of intelligence - Accounting Studies and other science branches and various human knowledge which is useful for the development of young people and their skills to prepare them for the labor market. It gives specialized certifications and degrees in those areas and giving privilege to collaborating organizations as the institute deem suitable.



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